Signs That You May Need Assistance in Data Recovery

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Whether you own a desktop computer with a hard drive or a server, you should be very attentive to possible problems with your hard drive.  Most people do not even consider the option of repairing a damaged hard drive.  They simply go out and buy a new computer.  However, this is a rather costly and occasionally dangerous scenario.

Discarded hard drives may still contain valuable information—information that can be recovered by thieves and hackers.  Furthermore, it is a huge waste of money and not just because you are getting rid of a piece of computer equipment.  Losing applications, settings, databases, pictures and legal documents can be very costly to a company.

You may think that you can save your most important files on a USB flash drive, but did you know that even these storage devices can be corrupted?  Furthermore, some of these flash drives can only hold about two gigabytes.  Users usually have hundreds of gigs of files to save, particularly if they operate a large company with several or even dozens of office workers.

Before a major disaster occurs, take note of any peculiarities you notice with your hard drive or server.  Is your hard drive making clicking or whirring noises?  Do you have frequent problems with freezing, restarts, slowdowns or error messages?  Technetics provides hard drive recovery services, as well as file un-deletion, registry repairs, operating system partition, and IT assistance with practically any operating system.

Do not underestimate the danger of a hard drive that is partially damaged or old; files can mysteriously vanish even after you save them.  Important applications can stop running and entire databases can become corrupted.  Sometimes the only option you have is to consult an IT expert.  Technetics can help you out, as we work with all sorts of hard drives and servers on a daily basis.

Best of all, we only charge you payment if we recover your valuable information.  How is that for a fair trade?


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