What is Data Sanitisation and Why Does it Matter in Business?

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Data sanitisation refers to a process of purging data of personally identifiable information.  This is very important to users who wish to protect their privacy.  This process is performed through a series of complex anonymisation techniques.  In addition, data sanitisation can also refer to a similar process that removes malicious data from user input.  This is a common problem among website operators and editors, who have to protect themselves against angry hackers, disgruntled spammers and unknowing accomplices who accidentally spread viruses.

Why should you be concerned about data sanitisation?  Because your data’s integrity is key to your clean business operation.  Viruses, malware and spyware are contained in individual files.  You can unknowingly download a virus by doing something as simple as opening an odd email, visiting a website or a social media site, or even doing something as innocent as surfing Google Photos.  (Yes, Google Photos was recently victimised by a virus, as were thousands of users who had to contend with a pop up virus)

Of course, you cannot purge all of your old archives, nor can you arbitrarily erase data that you find suspect.  Altering just one file, or heaven forbid erasing it entirely, can sabotage your entire computer and compromise the safety of your database.  You cannot play this sort of thing by ear.  The most efficient way to handle such matters is to invest in qualified IT support, the likes of which you can find at TechneticsData.com.au.

Cannot afford to hire an IT fellow?  No problem.  You can find everything you need when you work with a company like Technetics, which provides on-demand services that are far less expensive than paying fulltime staff.  You simply pay for the job, or for a low cost monthly package deal, and you can have all of your IT problems solved in no time.

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